Films in the ‘Romantic Comedy’ Category

And Then Came Lola

Lola can’t commit to anything, especially schedules. When her relationship with her girlfriend hangs in the balance, Lola careens wildly all over San Francisco trying to make good on a promise. Will Lola make it on time? Will she get the girl? Will she trip on her own shoelaces? Run, Lola, run! Watch This Movie […]

Black Light

Black Light is a sexy romantic comedy about finding love in the middle of nowhere.

Butch Jamie

Jamie can’t get an acting gig as a femme. So she decides to try a different angle, and really butches it up. She lands a juicy part as a man, and finds herself required to keep her real gender a secret in order to keep the job. When her sexy “short-guy-loving” co-star Jill takes an […]

Girl Seeks Girl

Nines, Monica, Anna, Carmen – if you haven’t met these lesbianas deliciosas yet, you are in for a very fun ride. And if you have, I don’t need to catch you up, do I? Great Buddy Movie Night title. Grab your chicas and enjoy!

Imagine Me & You

Luce is gay. Rachel is marrying her best friend Hector. But when Luce and Rachel’s eyes meet across a crowded room, Rachel needs to reconsider everything. Is true love at first sight real? And how does it measure up against commitment? Watch This Movie Right Now!   This tile is available in VOD (Video On […]

My Mother Likes Women

Middle-aged divorcee Sofia announces she’s in love. Hilariously dysfunctional daughters Elvira, Gimena and Sol are thrilled until they realize that mom’s new honey is a girl.

Nina’s Heavenly Delights

Hot food, hot girls, hot damn! Nina comes home from London and finds she has to save the family’s Indian restaurant. When she teams up for a cooking competition with the restaurant’s chef, spicyness on many levels ensues. A fun, light, date night lesbian foodie flick.

Producing Adults

Fertility-clinic shrink Venla wants to get married and have a baby; her boyfriend proposes but gets a secret vasectomy. Venla starts ‘informal’ insemination treatments at the clinic, and finds herself attracted to Satu, the doctor helping her get pregnant. A refreshing story about love and choices.