Love, seduction and sex, the romance trifecta.

These movies are good for cuddling up with your sweetheart and steaming up your glasses.

Films in the ‘Romance’ Category:

And Then Came Lola

Lola can’t commit to anything, especially schedules. When her relationship with her girlfriend hangs in the balance, Lola careens wildly all over San Francisco trying to make good on a promise. Will Lola make it on time? Will she get the girl? Will she trip on her own shoelaces? Run, Lola, run! Watch This Movie […]

Black Light

Black Light is a sexy romantic comedy about finding love in the middle of nowhere.


Sizzlingly hot thriller, it’s smart and sexy, has mainstream production values, and features two lesbian protagonists who come out on top of the game. Corky (Gina Gershon) and Violet (Jennifer Tilly) plot to steal two million from the mob. If it isn’t the first full-fledged lesbian thriller, it’s certainly the best. Bound won’t disappoint. GirlsNite […]

Boys Don’t Cry

The true story of Brandon Teena’s life and death in Nebraska. Teena changed his name from Teena Brandon to Brandon Teena, moved to a new town where he lived as a charismatic and well-liked young man. Fateful events revealed his secret and lead to a brutal and tragic slaying at the hands of his newfound […]

Butch Jamie

Jamie can’t get an acting gig as a femme. So she decides to try a different angle, and really butches it up. She lands a juicy part as a man, and finds herself required to keep her real gender a secret in order to keep the job. When her sexy “short-guy-loving” co-star Jill takes an […]

Drifting Flowers

Three lesbian stories weave in and out as themes of self-discovery, loyalty, aging, loss and true love are explored. Watch This Movie Right Now!   This tile is available in VOD (Video On Demand) Click “Get This Movie Now” to see VOD pricing and access immediately.

Everything Relative

Old college friends reunite for a baby’s bris. Past wounds and unresolved issues surface, and they must deal with love, life choices, family, broken hearts, joy and loss. “A love story for all kinds of families.”


A veiled, poetic tale of two artists; one a painter from China, the other a French photographer. They meet in Paris and make an emotional connection. But is it strong enough to withstand the pressure of their families and cultures?


This is the BBC three-part mini-series adaptation of the book by Sarah Waters (author of Tipping the Velvet). This Victorian era lesbian film follows the disparate upbringing of two young women, one raised by thieves, the other by a rich uncle. The girls each have their crosses to bear. When treacherous plotting brings them together, […]


Azmi and Das are sisters-in-law stuck in loveless, unfulfilling arranged marriages. When they dare to fall in love, they unleash the fierce disapproval of their families and society. A mesmerizing, erotic, and heartbreakingly romantic film.


After her lover is murdered, Sophie tries to regain her emotional balance by creating a video installation to Ai-Ling’s memory, and showing it in Taipei. While there, she meets the mysterious and alluring Mei-Li, but it is far too soon since Ai-Ling’s death for Sophie to handle, so she bolts back to Germany. When Mei-Li […]

Girl Seeks Girl

Nines, Monica, Anna, Carmen – if you haven’t met these lesbianas deliciosas yet, you are in for a very fun ride. And if you have, I don’t need to catch you up, do I? Great Buddy Movie Night title. Grab your chicas and enjoy!

Imagine Me & You

Luce is gay. Rachel is marrying her best friend Hector. But when Luce and Rachel’s eyes meet across a crowded room, Rachel needs to reconsider everything. Is true love at first sight real? And how does it measure up against commitment? Watch This Movie Right Now!   This tile is available in VOD (Video On […]

Itty Bitty Titty Committee

Bad lesbian cinema attempts to explore post-feminist social politics. Poorly conceived and executed, but nonetheless popular with the younger crowd. Plot: young heartbroken lesbian joins a post-feminist micro-cell; vandalism, bickering, sex and more heartbreak ensue. Proof that the bar for lesbian cinema is low enough for a limbo contest. Watch it if you like youthful anger and rebellion, riot grrrl music or if you just need to see a slice of young lesbian life. Enthusiastically acted.

Journey to Kafiristan

Based on a true story, this elegant, exotic and erotic film traces the inner and outer journeys of Ella and Annemarie, as they make their way into Afghanistan on the eve of World War Two.

Love My Life

Ichiko loves Eri. Eri loves Ichiko. Coming out is hard to do – some accept, others reject, and life in general always complicates things. A sweet, upbeat love story.

Loving Annabelle

Forbidden love at a girls’ boarding school. This movie could have been a fun, intense fantasy of seduction, but instead settles for disjointed, boring and depressing. Loving Annabelle has its very strong supporters, so don’t take our word for it. Watch for yourself and then let us know what you think. GirlsNite Review by Jennifer […]

My Mother Likes Women

Middle-aged divorcee Sofia announces she’s in love. Hilariously dysfunctional daughters Elvira, Gimena and Sol are thrilled until they realize that mom’s new honey is a girl.

Nina’s Heavenly Delights

Hot food, hot girls, hot damn! Nina comes home from London and finds she has to save the family’s Indian restaurant. When she teams up for a cooking competition with the restaurant’s chef, spicyness on many levels ensues. A fun, light, date night lesbian foodie flick.

Personal Best

Chris and Tory are olympic-caliber athletes. Their relationship moves over the span of three years from one of mentor to competitors and lovers. The best sports dyke movie ever. Both Chris (Mariel Hemingway) and Tory (real-life olympic athlete Patrice Donnelly) are hot, hot, HOT.

Producing Adults

Fertility-clinic shrink Venla wants to get married and have a baby; her boyfriend proposes but gets a secret vasectomy. Venla starts ‘informal’ insemination treatments at the clinic, and finds herself attracted to Satu, the doctor helping her get pregnant. A refreshing story about love and choices.

Saving Face

Wilhelmina’s family doesn’t know she is finally dating the woman of her dreams. So Wil faces a dilemma when her pregnant, widowed, traditional Chinese mother shows up on her doorstep to stay. Serious but lighthearted, this lesbian film is a true crowd-pleaser. Special Selection ~ Sundance Film Festival Official Selection ~ Toronto Film Festival Watch […]

Show Me Love

Sixteen-year-old Agnes lives in Amal, a Swedish one-horse town where nothing ever happens. She’s in love with Elin, the most popular girl in school. A magical night, a magical kiss, and then Elin freaks out the next day. The fierceness of teen emotions, the cruel simplicity of children, and the strength of self-awareness make this […]

Spider Lilies

Memories. They can haunt and trouble us; they can energize and inspire us. Jade seeks to bring memories back to life in the present, while Takeko wants only to leave her memories buried in the rubble of the past. A nuanced and thought-provoking exploration of love.

Therese and Isabelle

The 1969 erotic classic about two french boarding school girlfriends still wears well, and speaks to the innocent awakening sexuality of all young lesbians.


A very good but sad movie; love, prejudice, compassion and acceptance are central to this touching film. Fariba is forced to flee Iran and the death penalty for her crime of loving a woman. In Germany, she assumes a male identity and falls in love with Anne before she tragically must return to Iran.

When Night Is Falling

Conservative Christian college teacher Camille meets unrestrained circus performer, Petra. The women fall in love, and Camille must decide between marrying her longtime boyfriend and becoming co-chaplain of the college, or running off to join the circus and being with Petra. When Night is Falling has dreamlike, sensual imagery and overly obvious religious and moral […]